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Gentiane Gaussot -TAPRAH- was born in Chamonix-Mont Blanc on the 1rst of October 1945.


Paris - beginning of the Sixties: drops out of high school to study theatre.

In this period she discovers the fabulous world of the drawer & painter Saul Steinberg:

artistically speaking, it was love at first sight number 1.

Starts travelling throughout Europe and then Middle East where she begins drawing under the pseudonym of Taprah.

In 1965, while visiting Tel-Aviv, she has the chance to admire a splendid retrospective of Paul Klee's works. Still artistically speaking, it was love at first sight number 2.

Back in Paris, starts to experiment with painting while still drawing. Meets the painter Heriberto Cogollo and it's love at first sight number 3. They get married in 1971.

In 1973 they have a daughter (Lucie) and it's love at first sight number 4. It's also the same year that she has her first exhibition ( collective) at the Parisian art gallery Suzanne Visat.

A year later – 1974 – she has her love at first sight number 5 in this same art gallery when discovering the work of the drawer & painter André François.

In 1979 she meets the writer Nidra Poller for whom she then illustrates the surrealistically entitled book D'oeuf  D'habitude  Petit déjeuner  Etc  which for the illustrations wins the second price at the New Delhi International Children's Book Fair.

The 80's are dedicated to painting, drawing and exhibiting her work. In 1983 she joins the group Magie-Image putting on several collective exhibitions in various galeries.

In 1996 leaves France and moves with her husband to Colombia, where she has the opportunity to show her work in a magnificent environment: Cartagena de Indias's Museum of Modern Art.

In 2000 she and her husband return to France and set up their studios in Montpellier.